Climbing Innerdalstårnet

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The Innerdalen valley and the summit of the Innerdal tower  (1452 moh)

Climb the classic tower of Innerdalen, 1.452 meters above sea level!

Innerdalstårne is a majestic mountain in Innerdalen. Innerdalen is a valley famous for being one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway.

We will meet at the parking area in Nerdalen, and hike slowly to the Summer farm Renndølssetra, approx. 1 hour. (or we can meet at Renndølssetra or Innerdalshytta). From there, we will hike to the lake called Giklingvatnet. From Giklingvatnet it is a steep, and somewhat exposed, climb to the summit. The tour is exposed, but you do not need any climbing experience.

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Hard facts:

Meet-up:  9:00 Nerdalen parking area, Wednesdays and Saturdays (and other days on request)

Min/max number of guests: Min. 3 pers.

Guide: We use only local and certified guides

Equipment: We have all the climbing gear needed for the group

Personal equipment: hiking boots, a backpack with food and drinks for the day, clothes wind/and waterproof

Accommodation: If needed, we can book this after your request. 

Price: from NOK 1500,- per person.


- Enjoy the beautiful hike in Innerdalen

- The Innerdalstower (Innerdalstårnet) is a great hike/climb 

- Optional/recommended: Stay an extra night in this beautiful surroundings at the Summer Farm Renndølssetra or at the cabin Innerdalshytta


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