Kayak tour from Veiholmen

This is a three to four hours guided trip in the area of the beautiful fishing village of Veiholmen. The sheltered archipelago surrounding Veiholmen is perfect for sea kayaking. The big waves are not far away, but at a safe distance. Experience the magic of the sounds of the nature and the crystal clear sea.

At the parking place at Veiholmen you will meet your guide. He will introduce you to your kayak, show you the basic paddle technics and make sure that you are safe and comfortable during the tour.

The tour starts by paddling through the narrow channels of the fishing village. We will spend some time here so you get familiar with the kayak and can enjoy the village from a paddler´s perspective. From the manmade channels at Veiholmen we paddle through channels made by mother nature that surround the fishing village. You are now into the wild but protected by the archipelago that gives you a shelter from the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Use your senses. Listen, see and smell the scenery.

You will end the guided tour at the starting point; the parking place at Veiholmen.


Smøla’s multiple tiny islets and patches of calm water make for perfect kayaking conditions. You can get an invigorating feel for choppier seas when you brush up against the less protected edge of the archipelago. And in case paddling in the magical light, changing winds and beautiful nature isn’t enough, there are also the eagles…



  1. Veiholmen