Sundbåten, guided harbour sightseeing, one hour,12-13h. 15 June - 15 August

At 12 o`clock you meet up with your local guide at the Piren / Kirkelandet by the statue of the Klippfish women.
Enjoy our local guide for a round tour on the harbour and a short walk in the old town. Learn more about the klippfish history and explore the harbour.

Your local guide will tell you more about the town of today; fishing, tourism, oil, and opera.

Duration aprox one hour, light walk and on/off the Sundbåt.


  • Short stroll in the Old town and it`s hidden traesures
  • History of Sundbåten with it`s over 140 years on the harbour
  • Export and trade dating back to the 1600-hundred


  1. Kristiansund