Beginners Climbing Course

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This course is a beginner's course in climbing, where you learn the basic principles of securing and climbing at an indoor climbing wall.

This course gives you the knowledge to secure a climber on top rope and led in a safe way. In addition, you should also climb safely yourself. The course is based on the course plan prepared by the Norwegian Climbing Association and ends up in the "Brattkort" test, which you will probably pass after the course. The test is taken after the course by agreement with us. If you pass the test, you order a steep pass from the Norwegian Climbing Association, NOK 200 to register.

There will be a maximum of 6 participants per. instructor on the course. We need a minimum of two participants for us to hold the course.

Includes in the course: all technical equipment, instructor and "brattkort" test.

The course lasts 8 hours and runs over two days from 18-22. It will be a course every month going forward. 

Age limit: 13 yrs (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) Participants under 18 yrs need to have parental consent.

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