Bike tour Oppdal - Åndalsnes

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To experience wilderness in close reach from a bike, gives a total different approach than from a carseat. Smells, sounds and weather becomes very real, and you will experience the surroundings around you change from a mountain range, where you can (if you're lucky) catch a glimpse of a raindeer or a grouse, before you eventually see the sparkeling fjord in a distance. To slow down, and just exsist on a bike, gives a huge inner reward.

The tour is an adventure from beginning to end. We start by the mountains and end up by the fjord.

The tour starts at Oppdal train station, and ends at Åndalsnes train station. We then recommend the popular “Raumabanen” after the tour. The tour`s distance is a total of 240 km, and we climb almost 4000 metres during the tour. We can do the trip in 3 days, but for those who want shorter days on the bike, we recommend to make the tour in 4-6 days. We also recommend to stay one extra night in Åndalsnes, and do the popular hike of “Romsdalseggen”.

Join us for an adventure you'll never forget!

From NOK 9'900

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Program: Oppdal – Åndalsnes with mountainbike (4 days, we can also do it in 3 or 5 days)
Day 1 Oppdal – Sunndalsøra (Dindalen – Lindalen)
Departure from Oppdal in the morning
Route of the day:
Oppdal – Blokhus (vikaveien)
Dindalen – Lindalen – Gjøra – Sunndalsøra
Total km: ca. 85 km
terrain: ca. 20 km, where 3 km are more demanding
paved road/gravel road: ca. 65 km
Lunch will be enjoyed at one of the many cabins we pass during the day. Most of the day, we will be in the area of Dovre and Sunndal National Park.

Arrival Trædal Hotell og Turistsenter, accomodation, 2-course tasteful dinner is served in the ”old house” after a shower. We sleep in the hotel.
Theme of the day: Most of the day, we will be in the area of Dovre and Sunndal National Park. Here we will see many waterfalls, and maybe also some musk ox, if we are lucky/unlucky.

Day 2 Sunndalsøra – Aursjøhytta  (The Aursjøroad
Breakfast at the hotel in the morning, before we start the climb up to Aursjøen.

Route of the day:
Trædal – Litldalen – over Aursjøveien – Aursjøhytta.
Total km: approx. 35 km
terrain: 0 km
paved road/gravelled road: 35 km,
Lunch will be enjoyed during the day.
Dinner at the cabin.

Day 3 Aursjøhytta - Øverås, Eresfjord  (The Aursjøroad
Breakfast at the cabin in the morning, before we start with the downhill down to Eikesdalen. We make some stops along the road, at Aursstaupet and if time we take the hike into the waterfall: Mardalsfossen.

We stay in cabins in Øverås, where we will enjoy the dinner in the evening.

Route of the day:
Aursjøhytta - Eikesdalen- Øverås.
Total km: approx. 45 km
terrain: 0 km
paved road/gravelled road: 45 km,
Lunch will be enjoyed during the day.

Day 4 Øverås/Eresfjorden – Åndalsnes (Vistdalsheia)
Breakfast in the morning. We start the day with the climb up to Vistdalsheia, before we get down again, and bike along the fjord - all the way in to Åndalsnes.

Eresfjorden – Vistdalsheia- Isfjorden - Åndalsnes.
Total km: ca 79 km
terrain: 0 km
paved road/gravelled road: ca. 79 km
Lunch will be enjoyed during the day.

It is recommended to stay an extra day in Åndalsnes, and we ca take you on the popular hike: Romsdalseggen. Please contact us for details.

Arriving Oppdal: You can take the train from Trondheim or Oslo. Departure Åndalsnes: train to Oppdal, Oslo or Trondheim.


- biking from the mountain to the fjord

- accomodation in cabins and hotels

- local and certified guide

- luggage transportation

- off the beaten track

- Aursjøveien, tougher than Trollstigen road



  1. Oppdal
  2. Gjøra
  3. Sunndalsøra
  4. Aursjøhytta
  5. Eikesdalen
  6. Øverås
  7. Åndalsnes