Veøya island - medieval tour

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Take the boat to the beautiful Veøya island from Vestnes, Åndalsnes or Molde. Enjoy a visit to the medieval church, the vicarage and a historic walk with guide.

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The guided tour is mainly in Norwegian, information in English on request.

You get between 4-5 hours on the island.


  • A historic walk with a guide from the museum. The walk is based on archaeological excavations, finds and other historic sources. You get to see where the medieval settlement was situated.
  • Step inside the stone church from the 11th century and learn about its history and the present interior.
  • You may also visit the vicarage, which was built in 1752 and listen to guide telling you the stories of the families who lived here.

There will be some time to spend on your own and we recommend the mobile application Voice of Norway, which is free of charge. Get more information here:

Bring your own food, beverages and we recommend bringing seat pads for your own comfort. We will be outdoors most of the time. Wear comfortable clothes and foot wear – check the weather forecast! There are no roads or prepared paths on the island, and therefore not possible to use wheelchairs, walkers or baby trolleys.

Veøya is a protected island and you have to bring back your own waste.

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  • The boat departs from several places: Vestnes, Åndalsnes and Molde


  • Medieval 11th-century church
  • Guided walk with information about the islands medieval history and culture
  • Vicarage history
  • Beautiful nature


  1. Veøya