Round trip from Molde to Valldal, Trollstigen & Åndalsnes

The summer program for 2018 has now ended and this trip is no longer available for booking this season. Booking for the summer season 2019 will be possible from February 2019.


Molde - Valldal - Trollstigen - Åndalsnes - Molde

The first leg of this round trip takes you from Molde to Sjøholt. This stretch includes a ferry trip of about 35 minutes, allowing you to see the town of Molde from the seaside. You can also enjoy one of the local specialties, svele (a type of sweet pancake) that you can buy onboard.

From Sjøholt, the tour continues to Valldal, famous for their delicious strawberries. In Valldal you have 35 minutes to enjoy the fjord view (and strawberries) while waiting for the bus to continue to one of Norway’s national tourist routes, Trollstigen.

There will be a 25 minutes stop at the Trollstigen plateau, 850 meters above sea level, with time to enjoy the spectacular view. Remember your camera! The bus then curves down the hairpin road from Trollstigen to Åndalsnes.

From Åndalsnes you can choose between two return times to Molde/Kristiansund. You can stretch your legs, enjoy the sight of the majestic mountains and the fascinating architecture of the building Norsk Tindesenter. If you choose to stay until 18:00 – and you are in fairly good shape – you may even manage a hike up to the “Rampestreken” viewing point.  

The tour continues from Åndalsnes via the ferry Åfarnes-Sølsnes back to Molde.


Departure from: Molde trafikkterminal


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  1. Molde
  2. Sjøholt
  3. Valldal
  4. Trollstigen
  5. Åndalsnes
  6. Åfarnes
  7. Molde