Bike tour Aursjøveien

Zur Buchungsanfrage

This is a 2 day bike tour, where we bike the spectacular Aursjøveien. This road is famous for being tougher than Trollstigen, but it is perfect for biking, since there are almost no traffic here. A hidden secret, we make available for you!

We start at Sunndalsøra, and the first day is uphill through the valley "Litldalen". When we reach the top, we follow the gravel road all the way into the mountain plateu and stay at the cabin Aursjøhytta for night. 

The next day, we start easy with some fairly flat area in beautiful surroundings, before we bike all the way down to Eikesdalen. Here we will make a stop at Aurstupet and the waterfall Mardalsfossen. Here we will have pick up, and we will take you back to Sunndalsøra.

Zur Buchungsanfrage

Day 1: We will meet in Sunndalsøra at 9 AM. We will start with a check of the bike and our equipment, before we start the tour up Litldalen. The lunch will be enjoyed outside, during the day. We will make several stops along the road towards Aursjøhytta. The climb from 0 to 860 is hard, but we will do it slowly. Our luggave will be transfered to the cabin. Total of 43 km on day 1.

When we arrive the cabin, we will have time for a shower and some relaxing time before a nice dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast at the cabin, where we will also make out lunch bags for the day. The luggage will be transfered to Eikesdalen, and we will start biking down to Finnset. We will make several stops along the road, and if the weather is nice, we could take a swim in the "jettegryte" close by. Aurstupet is an important stop, and we have to look for reindeer while we are enjoying our tour for the day. Since we are going all the way down to the fjord again, it is important to take it slowly, and use the breaks correct. The guide will make sure everything is OK for everyone. When we arrive Eikesdalen, we will take a short stop at one of the farms, and also hike to the waterfall Mardalsfossen, before pick up and transfer back to Sunndalsøra. We will be at Sunndalsøra approx at 4. PM.



- 2 day bike tour 

- from the fjord to the mountain and down to the fjord again

- the spectacular Aursjøveien

- include one night at a cabin 

- food: breakfast, lunch x 2 and dinner

- local guide

- a visit to a local farmer in Eikesdalen

- approx 77 km with paved and gravel road

- from the fjord (0 metres above sea level) to 860 metres above sea level, and then down again to 0!


  1. Sunndalsøra