The ultimate ski adventure Fjord Norway

Zur Buchungsanfrage

This is a 6-day tour, where you will explore great skiing with fjord view, together with comfortable accommodation at hotels and lodges. 

We only use certified mountain guides, with long experience and local knowledge.

We start in Oppdal and have a short ski touring day in Storlidalen, before we move to Sunndalsfjella and the fjords. The last couple of days we will be touring in Åndalsnes and Romsdal Alps.

The guide will decide the route of the day, depending on your group, weather and snow conditions.


Zur Buchungsanfrage

Day 1: We will meet in Oppdal in the morning, at Skifer Hotel. We will start with a short meeting with the guide, and go through the plan for the week, and updates for weather and snow conditions. We will also go through the equipment, and if anything is missing, this is the place to get it. In the early afternoon, we will prepare for a shorter ski tour in Storlidalen, to get adjusted and prepared for the next days. 

Dinner in Oppdal, and accomodation at Skifer Hotel.

Day 2: We will have an early breakfast, and head towards the fjords. Full day ski touring, by the fjords.
In the evening, accommodation and dinner at Phillipshaugen lodge (

Day 3: We will enjoy a great breakfast at the charming lodge, before we start the tour of the day. We will stay one extra night at this lodge, in the beautiful surroundings. 

Day 4: After breakfast, we will bring our gear, and prepare for another ski area; Romsdal Alps. Alpine ski touring in Romsdal Alps. Accomodation and dinner at Hotel Aak.

Day 5: One last day of ski touring in Romsdal Alps. Accomodation and dinner at Hotel Aak.

Day 6: Today we will pack our bags and prepare for departure. We will drive back to Oppdal via Dombås.


- Alpine ski touring in Fjord Norway

- 6 days of ski touring in different locations

- Accomodation at nice hotels and lodges

- Certified IVBV UIAGM mountain guide



  1. Oppdal
  2. Storlidalen
  3. Øksendalen
  4. Åndalsnes
  5. Dombås
  6. Oppdal