Hiking in Trollheimen

Zur Buchungsanfrage

Trollheimen – the mountain area

Trollheimen is one of the most famous hiking areas in Norway, it is surrounded by high mountains in a lush nature with lakes in a great variation. Here you will have many mountains, trails and nice cabins easy accessible.

This is a 3-day tour, where you can extend it with an extra day, climbing/hiking on the Innerdalstårnet. 

We stay at the charming house/cabin at Kårvatn, and the Summer Farm at Renndølsetra. The guide will prepare food at Kårvatn, and the host will serve excellent food at the Summer Farm. 

The tour is graded moderate to challenging. Approx 7-8 hours hiking per day on nice hiking trails.


Group departure (4-day with Innerdalstårnet) August 3-6 2018

Zur Buchungsanfrage

Day 1 – Oppdal

On this first day we will meet in Oppdal in the evening, to meet with the guide and go through the last details about the trip. (Check the backpack, weather forecast and other questions/updates). We can book accommodation in Oppdal if needed. After the meeting we will take you to the largest grave yard from the Viking period in Norway, just 5 minutes from the city. This is a wonderful area for an easy walk. For accommodation, see www.oppdal.com.


Day 2 – Oppdal – Storlidalen – Kårvatn (approx 7 hours hiking)
On this first hiking day we will meet in Oppdal in the morning after breakfast. Transportation to Storlidalen, approx 50 minutes.

We are now in the heart of Trollheimen, and on this first day we will start along the gravel road to the lake –Tovatna. From here we will follow the marked trail to Kårvatn. The first day is a fairly long day of hiking, but not so much climbing – in beautiful surroundings. We will enjoy the lunch outside, probably at the end of the lake. If the weather is good, we could also take a bath here.

When we arrive the charming farm and the cabin for the night at Kårvatn, you can visit  the sport store in the mountain and enjoy the atmosphere at Kårvatn, while the guide will prepare the dinner.

Specifications:  Transportation to Storlidalen, accomodation at Kårvatn (cabin). Lunch, dinner, guide


Day 3  Kårvatn – Innerdalen (approx. 6 hours hiking)
After breakfast we would start the hike on the gravel road for about 2,5 km. From there we will start the climb up the mountain, and meet the trail from Todalen. Here we will follow an easier path before the last climb up Bjøråskaret with its impressive view! From here we will also see the Innerdalen valley – famous for being the most beautiful valley in Norway. We will take it easy on the descent (800 metres) down to the valley and to the Summer farm Rennsdølsetra.  (www.innerdalen.com)

The hike of the day is shorter, but steeper. We will therefore take the time we need and enjoy the view.

Specifications: Accomodation at Renndølsetra, breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Day 4  Innerdalen – Storlidalen – Oppdal (approx 7 hours hiking)
The last day of the tour - and maybe the most beautiful part of the tour, will be through the valley of Innerdalen to Storlidalen, and through the gate of Innerdalen.

In the beginning, we hike through a bit swampy terrain, before we start the climb up to the gate of Innerdalen, where we have the summits Kringlehøa and Storsalen on each side. We continue the climb to the highest point; Meskaret and we get the view of Storlidalen: a 20 km long valley.  We will reach the lake Tovatna at the other side, and again – if the weather is good we can take a bath at the sandy beach, before we hike the last 3 km down to Storlidalen, and where the car is waiting.


Optional extra day: Climbing/hiking to the summit of the Innerdalstårnet
You can expand the tour with one, and stay one extra night at the Summer Farm. On this extra day, we will climb the tower of Innerdalstårnet. It is exposed, but you do not need any climbing experience. (approx 6-8 hours)


- Hiking in Trollheimen, one of the best hiking areas in Norway

- Charming accomodation in cabins and Summer Farm

- A 3 day hike, with optional 4th day, hiking/climbing on the Innerdalstårnet

- Local and certified guide


  1. Oppdal